Jenifer unveils her decorating line: “The women in my family have inspired me a lot.”

Jenifer is known as a singer, actress and even a coach. For this new season, Jenifer is adding a new string to her bow by unveiling a line of decorative objects in her image, entitled “Ligati”. For this occasion, we went to meet her at the Joyce Gallery nestled in the gardens of the Palais Royal, the site of her ephemeral pop-up store, open until September 12. Meeting.

Since September 5th, the public can discover “Ligati”, your line of decorative objects and accessories, but you had already secretly presented it on stage…

Indeed, during my birthday concert (editor’s note: Jenifer celebrated her 37th birthday surrounded by her public at the Seine Musicale in Paris), there were some “Ligati” objects that I bought second-hand and that you could find on stage, notably the pouffe. And today, it’s really the realisation of a little girl’s dream.

I have always greatly appreciated and admired designers, whether in fashion or in decoration.I am fascinated by the materials, the work that it requires, the little hands that make the ideas that are put down on paper come true… Then I was introduced to Charlotte Esquenet, co-founder of Exsud Design.It is thanks to this meeting that the “Ligati” adventure began.I must admit that I am extremely lucky.

What were your inspirations?

I was really inspired by my travels.Corsica, of course.It’s the colours that inspire me a lot over there.It’s a small island that’s extremely rich.It’s here that I find my resources, so it’s also a part of me.There’s also my trip to Cuba that made a huge impression on me.Africa too, even if you don’t find it as much in the collection, it’s not really a big deal. And of course, all my tours that took me all over France but also Belgium.

Tell us about “Ligati”… How does this collection resemble you?

It’s a collection that has been thought out with a lot of sincerity, with a lot of heart.I put a piece of my soul into it.I love singular objects that tell a story.some pieces are nods to my childhood.I also love that we can vary the pleasures, that’s why we find bi-material and bi-color.

When you were little, you already had this taste for decoration…

I liked to arrange things. The women in my family inspired me a lot. As a child, I witnessed this passion for decorating. The table, for example, was very important. When we had someone over, everything had to be well arranged.The table, for example, was very important. When you entertained someone, everything had to be well arranged. The collection contains nods to my childhood, such as the salad servers and the warm, subdued light from the lampshades. When I was younger, I liked to have the right light in my room. I cut out cardboard boxes and loved to customize in a very modest way with what I had around.

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