What if we deconfined our interiors ?

What if we deconfined our interiors ?

We will have done everything with him, during this confinement.Work, phone, watch Netflix, eat, read, sleep, do puzzles, give grammar lessons at CE2 level ...so ugly in Zoom's camera feedback - both drab and too imposing.And then it turned out to be impractical, annoyingly soft, almost painful.One wonders if it was not badly put together from the departure, when he has simply aged.In short, we can no longer support his sofa.

We have never spent so much time inside our homes, a space that we chose (or not), that we had decorated (or not), that we originally liked (or Alone, as a couple, as a family, most city dwellers have moved in recent weeks between the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms (when their apartments had them).A domestic space which also had to accommodate an office, a classroom, a playground, a sports hall ...So sometimes, everything was shattered.

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Since many uncertainties weigh on the conditions of deconfinement and it is very likely that we will still spend time at home - especially to telework, which remains the norm in many companies -, the opportunity is perhaps a change of scenery, and not just the sofa.

Reinvesting our interiors

It could only do us good morale, as explained by Monique Aleb, sociologist and professor at the National School of Architecture of Paris Malaquais: "our habitat is our history.This" home ", we have it.loved it, we hated it during this period, but it remains a point of reference.By shaping - or transforming - your home, you build your identity.”A few gestures are enough: rearrange the furniture, change the bulbs, the cushions , curtains (or simply put them in the machine, the effect is sometimes bluffing ...).An alternative that will undoubtedly be chosen by all those who, during confinement, have been initiated into Do It Yourself, by making their own breads or cosmetics.

Posted Date: 2021-02-16

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